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tv   Local 12 at Noon  CBS  March 3, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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where this all started. pmom and the 18-old day baby showed up back at the home where this all started. chief police eliot issac was officers. a short time after they went inside the home, mom and baby got inside of an ambulance and then went on to the hospital. at this time, we don't know the baby's condition. this started around 7:00 this morning. with a report of a red ford focus stolen here on hopkins street and the baby being in the back seat of the car. it is unclear if the baby was in the back seat of the car. we're still learning to hear what exactly happened. neighbors outside of their home wondering what was going on. one woman woke up and saw this on the news, she was very troubled. the first thing she thought
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he was with her. >> go to school, get an education. that's the best thing you can get out here. if you don't, the justice center or the graveyard, one of the two, it gets rough out here. if you ain't out here to do something positive. the devil is going to get you. >> many neighbors out here he can ca echoing what she had to say. a lot of unanswered questions about what transpired when the car was actually stolen and when mom and baby showed up here back home. >> local 12's joe webb. we'll get to him shortly. but first, we want to get to our weather. through. snowflakes fell across most of the tri-state, now we have a mix meteorologist, brandon orr
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to expect and when to expect it in your no wait weather. >> we already had a coating of snow this morning. the next round of snow is starting to push back into downtown city. you see from megan's live shot she had snowflakes falling behind her as well. mainly light snow. we had dry air around, right off the ground. that's been eating up a lot of the snow. that's why we had that break the past couple of hours. we do have light to at times moderate snow, moving into florence here within the next couple of minutes. the snow will stick around for quite some time into the early afternoon. all snow right now. expected to mix with rain a little bit as we go into the afternoon. warren county has some light snow at times. it hasn't picked up quite yet. you can see the forecast as we
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we have more snow and more -- see how it turns over to this green color starting to mix with this little bit of rain as we get our temperatures up a little bit. earlier this morning. the big problem was the overpass were at the freezing mark. the actual road temperatures was higher, because it is next to the warm ground. the overpasses cool off faster. that's where we have the icy conditions. i'm checking the overpasses now. they are in good shape. be aware of some of the over d passes. we're looking at snow showers to condition. 33 degrees now. we're going to see temperatures rise up into the upper 30s, by the time we get around to 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 and the rain/snow mix will continue into the overnight hours. as we go into the weekend, we start to see round two move in. coming up in 15 minutes, we'll talk about how much snow we
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it will finally move out and how >> thank you. >> deputies arrest a man asleep in his car along with guns and ammunition, it is where he was that made him take quick action. >> that car was parked in a vacant lot this morning in madison township, just 1200 feet from madison junior high school where a student opened fire just this past monday. they don't know what 23-year-old brian miller's intentions were and they haven't found any evidence to link him to the madison school district. he had two handguns and a box of ammunition. he faces drunk driving and gun charges. the next step is how to prevent it from happening again. he this want to increase the security presence at the school and they also have counselors to talk to the students. many say it is important to go back to class and get things back to normal. deputies say that 14-year-old
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his classmates and injured two others on monday. >> the only television station in the courtroom today when a 12-year-old boy answered charges that he brought a toy gun to school. he was found with the object while drinking wine. the attorney entered a plea of denial for the boy on two counts of illegal possession of an object. one count of consuming intoxicating liquor among others. he was remanded for a psychological evaluation. he's a juvenile so we're not releasing his name. >> a wyoming high school student who is accused of making threats anticipated to his charges. the 9th grade student made verbal threats to his classmates. his attorney entered a plea of denial. the judge remanded him for a psych evaluation as well. police have not released his name. we're still working to reconnect with joe webb. meantime, ramping up the
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one >> we're resuming or coverage of the missing baby. they found the red ford focus she was in.
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that investigation. picks up the story from district one headquarters, he's on the phone now. joe. >> reporter: good afternoon, john, we're at district headquarters, we apologize we're not live, but the snow eight up the batteries on our live unit. four juveniles are being questioned in the case. interviewed separately by the criminal investigation section. three others were caught while they crashed in that reported stolen car. we should have pictures of this. the 1700 block of prosperity place. police spotted the car about an hour after it was reported stolen and there was a brief chase. the three occupants ran. they shout she might have been in the neighborhood because of a
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proved to be a false lead. several officers searched the area and tracked the suspect and looked for any signs of the missing baby, but she was actually quite closer to home. >> we don't know when the child was taken to when the child was found in with the mother. >> that's the big question. how did the baby get reunited with her mother, where did this all happen? there's a lot of speculation on this at this point. police are not sure. there are a bunch of unanswered questions, john. you know what, police are good at asking the questions that need to be asked. that's what they are doing right now. as soon as they get more information, i'm sure they are going to share it with us and we'll share it with our viewers on local 12. the bottom line is, this little girl is okay, that's the best news.
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>> thank you so much, joe. >> we want to remind everyone that this is still an extremely fluid investigation. local 12 will continue to follow this story and the latest on local 12 news first at 4:00. you can follow the story on our website >> mitt romney hopes to have a say in who the next republican presidential nomination will be. if donald trump wins nomination, president. >> mitt romney is delivering a speech in utah today with one goal in mind stopping donald trump from winning the presidential nomination. romney calls trump a phony and a fraud saying his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. he gets a free ride to the white house and all we
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>> trump responded saying, why did he beg me for an endorsement four years ago. >> he ran one of the worst campaigns, as you know, in presidential history. that was an election that should have been won by the republicans, he was a catastrophe. >> the remaining candidates have their own strategies on how to stop him. >> senator marco rubio appears to be trying to split votes and spread out the delegates. >> everyone get together so we can keep the front runner from winning and destroying the republican party. >> while senator ted cruz wants everyone else out so he can take on trump head-to-head. >> if we're going to beat donald trump the field can't remain fractured. >> cruz and the remaining candidate will take their shots tonight on the gop debate.
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>> soon you'll be able to pay for clothes and restaurants without even taking out your wallet. >> the dow jones is down 48 points. nasdaq down 16. s&p 500 is down 4 1/2 points. you can catch the market's closing numbers on local 12 news first at 4:00. >> we expect more snow this
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way. >> desperate times calls for desperate measures. the iditarod dog snow sled in alaska alaska. the snow is melting so they hauled snow from fairbanks. that's never been done before. it has been cut from 11 miles to 3 because of the lack of snow. 85 mushers and their team is expected to be there for saturday. >> the same high temperature for anchorage today is the same here
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we're both getting into the mid areas. the snow continues to fall. we had a couple of problems on the roadway. you can't even see downtown cincinnati. >> flurries. >> decent pace now. you can see a hint of paul brown stadium. right now it is mostly snow that's pushing on through. the temperatures sitting right there at the freezing mark and pavement temperatures are lacking behind. they are just wet right now. we're not seeing any problems on the roadways. even overpass, although i would still take it easy. now that the temperature is right at the freezing mark, we could see a couple of slick spots on the overpass as we go throughout the next couple of hours. so on precision doppler 12 hd. the snow is moving in over downtown. some of these brighter whites.
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pushing into florence right now. continuing to push off towards the north. starting from the south and then pushing to the northeast. if you're going up i-71 or i-75 we're looking okay on the interstate. we had the break the past couple of hours. now it is going to pick up and stay that way for the next couple of hours. the good news is we're expecting roadways to remain mostly just wet. at the airport. 34 in lunken, where we had the hours. freezing mark. where we have the break in the snow. that's where the temperatures warmed up by a couple of degrees, from fayetteville, lebanon. 37 in butler county. including middle town and hamilton. we have the snow around now. even back towards evansville, we ongoing, this is something that's going to last into the evening hours, it will take until early tomorrow morning to
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area. we have this rain/snow mix, it will start to mix with rain after we get passed 3:00 today. we get these temperatures up to around 38 degrees for an i hadn't temperature. it is not going to fall that fast. eventually down to 34 degrees by midnight. below freezing by tomorrow morning. a couple of slick spots on the overpasses early tomorrow morning similar to what we saw this morning. we won't have as much snow around tomorrow morning, it will start to really move out. the winds coming in from the south and east around 9 miles per hour around cincinnati. these deeper blue colors, that's some warmer air trying to sneak on in. that's why we expect the snow to mix with rain around 3:00 today. some of this green sneaking on in and it starts to break up
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this will continue into the overnight hours. even by early tomorrow morning. 3:00, about an hour and a half or so. you can notice snow mixed with rain at times and temperatures near the freezing mark. we could see a couple of slick spots there on the roadways. we dry out for the rest of friday. friday afternoon and evening, looking okay. you can see a hints of blue near wilmington. you can see it during the day on saturday. i don't think that's going to cause any problems at all, other than maybe a light dusting in the early morning saturday. look where we go in the afternoon. 49, the warming trend, mid 60s on tuesday and wednesday. next week, it doesn't look like a warm-up that moves in for a couple of days, it is one that will stick around for the rest of the week. >> be sure to join local 12
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life in pieces, mom at >> we'll have a recap now. the local breaking news alert that we have been following today. an infant is back with her mother after a massive search. police found them around 9:30
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believed to be missing and in the back of a car that was stolen around 7:00 this morning. police found that car that was found crash. the baby was not in the car and was found safe at home. police are questioning whether she was in the vehicle. >> the snow continues to fall. temperatures are above freezing. looking at the brent spence bridge. upper 30s during the day today. i'll be in with erica coming up
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>> abby: how could we not know? how could we all be fooled into thinking that marco was uncle jack? >> victoria: what about kelly? how is ben handling that part? >> abby: he doesn' t know yet. or at least he hasn' t heard from me. he' s been at the hospital all night, and kelly' s role in this hasn' t hit the news yet. >> victoria: it' s gonna kill him. >> abby: or it' ll make him kill someone else. um... hey, i have to go. ben' s here. >> victoria: tell him, uh... i don' t know. tell him we' re all so sorry. >> abby: thank you. hey. >> stitch: hi, baby. how you doing?